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LIVE Workshop

Tuesday, November 22nd @ 12pm Eastern

During this LIVE workshop, you will discover the best, easiest ways to create content that will market your business for you.

Then we will get your first (or next) 2 pieces of EPIC content planned out. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be ready to


Workshop Agenda

Get Loose

Let’s overcome the obstacles! What’s really stopping you from accessing the power of content marketing? Are you worried about what to create content about or do you freeze up when it’s time to start writing? Whatever it is, we will tackle it together!

Get Ready

We will dive into the 5 keys to creating content that converts. This is the planning part that so many either forget to do or they just don’t do well. Getting ready is the key to creating content that truly connects with your audience!

Get Going

Now, we put the pedal to the metal! This is the final step to content that is effective. We’ll get you thinking about all you can do with your newly developed content. Then, we’ll discuss a few tips to leverage the momentum you’re creating now!

What Our Customers Say…

Renee helped me embrace using video in my business by reminding me my voice and message are to be heard globally. I recommend connecting with Renee and financially investing in her services. You will see immediate results in your confidence and business growth.

Chandra L. Gary, MAIO

Career Coach and Certified Career Advisor at Solutions By Chandra, LLC

She has a powerful way of helping to link media strategy with your purpose and passion. Whenever I get “stuck” on what to say or how to say it, I call Renee! If you want to grow your online presence and know you need to be more visible, Renée is your girl!

Natalie Lavelock, RN-MSN

Founder and CEO of Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting and the speaker suite

I started doing consistent videos with Renee’s guidance, and I accepted my authentic video presence. Now that I’m done with all of the videos that I did with her, it’s like I’ve stepped into a more confident persona because I became more confident on video. 

Mercedes Saurbaugh, LMSW

possibilitarian and Leadership Coach at Mercedes Saurbaugh Coaching & Consulting

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Your Workshop Host

Renée Brandon is a Visibility Specialist who works with speakers, authors, and coaches who desire to make a powerful impact.

As a work-from-home mom of 4, she has the joy and privilege of running the Get Social on Purpose Media Agency, while also being present in the day-to-day lives and activities of her children.

One of the greatest lessons she’s learned from her children is that everybody wants to be seen and heard. And, she counts herself blessed that through the work in her business, she gets to help you be seen and heard because you deserve to shine!

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